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Personal Coaching

Make it about you!

Find out who you really are and what it takes to fully develop your potential with the help of my 1:1 coaching . There is much more in you than you think!

This individual coaching program is for both men and women aged between 30-60, who want to improve their personal growth. Emotional care is the base to a happy and fulfilled, successful and self-determined life!

Become the person you want to be and find your way to more motivation, success and happiness through self-knowledge!

Recognize yourself?

  • You are annoyed by everything and everyone, but most of all by yourself
  • Everyone talks about a positive mindset – but you don’t really know what that means?
  • You always thought of yourself as a positive person, but somehow your world always looks gray?
  • You don’t feel good in your body, even though you run to the gym every day?
  • Your relationship with your partner is just going through the motions, and deep down you feel that there is something you need to sort out?
  • You feel the desire to change professionally, but you don’t dare to take the step?
  • When was the last time you devoted your attention only to YOU?

But you’d rather …?

  • clearly define your goals for yourself?
  • get out of your comfort zone and bravely try new things?
  • reflect on your actions and your work by talking to yourself about yourself and your thoughts?
  • throw old burdens overboard, release blockades and accept wounds in order to be open for new things?
  • be at peace with yourself, because this is the only way to create space for development and growth?
  • separate yourself from negative thoughts and emotions and release new energies?

Make it about you

Get to know yourself

In this program you will discover yourself and your emotions in a whole new way:

  • You have time and peace to sort out your thoughts and feelings to finally know what you really want.
  • Reconnect with your skills, talents and competencies and change your life the way you want it.
  • Free yourself from stressful feelings and emotions and transform them into your authentic self.
  • You will learn how to transform agonizing conflicts into exciting challenges and how to lead your life in a self-determined and adult way
  • You enrich yourself with knowledge, insights and experiences about yourself and gain new self-confidence.
  • You recognize your needs and take responsibility for your happiness.
  • You strengthen your positive mindset and learn a loving way of dealing with yourself in order to inspire yourself and your environment.
When you move, the world moves with you!

1:1 Coaching – 10 x 1,5h

Individual time management – just as you need it. Including personal advice, tips and exercises +24 emergency WhatsApp service!

Transform yourself!

100% more leadership qualities, 100% more potential!

Mindful Leadership

As a leader, it is important not only to keep the needs of the company and employees in mind, but also to lead yourself. In the Mindful Leadership program you will learn to know yourself better and act more consciously in order to develop your full potential and become a powerful and successful leader.
Successful leadership through self-reflection and self-responsibility

Recognize yourself?

  • You try to be authentic with your employees, but you realize more and more how much energy this costs you.
  • You are tired. You are plagued more often by self-doubt. Making the right decisions is difficult for you.
  • You feel you could do more and differently. But you don’t know how to motivate yourself.
  • You try to stay positive, but somehow everyone around you is annoying you.
  • You achieve good results but at the expense of your team and your work-life balance.

What to expect

The program includes several modules that take you on a journey to greater mindfulness, self-reflection and self-responsibility. You will develop your very own strategy on how to better control your thoughts and emotions and thus make your actions more purposeful and successful. Through improved self-awareness and conscious action, you will also learn to better recognize and utilize your strengths and weaknesses.

A special focus is also on efficient communication, both within the team and with other stakeholders. You will learn how to send clear and authentic messages and how to successfully lead even difficult conversations. Through an open and trusting working atmosphere you create a basis for a successful team and good results.


What you learn

Unleash your leadership potential

Become a successful and effective leader:

  • Self-reflection and self-responsibility as the basis for effective leadership
  • Developing and controlling awareness of one’s own thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Strengthening one’s own leadership skills through conscious action and self-awareness
  • Effective communication techniques for an open and trusting working atmosphere
  • Recognizing and using one’s own energy balance, one’s resources and one’s own strengths and weaknesses

What you get

6 x 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months via Zoom or in person (1,5h) + 1 feedback session

Including: personal consultation, tips and tricks for self-leadership, 24h Whatsapp service